My Top 9 favorite fonts for Web Design

Lately there’s been a very minimalist approach to Web Design and IU/UX Design. If you are a designer working in the field, you’ve probably come across these sites and concepts, or you’ve been creating them yourself. For those who haven’t, I think you guys need to join this particular trend. I personally think it is a good direction, not only in style, but also in legibility and usability. The idea is creating websites and landing pages that are more optimized and usable for users.

Typography, or the way you layout your type, is a key factor in the new web standards. This is not surprising since content is always what has driven the web to be what it is today. But now web pages stand out for their ability to be closer to printed media. Especially with the constant development of web and mobile technology. Now it is possible to design grids similarly to how print designers would design on a desktop publishing software. Usually the typefaces used on these layouts and interfaces lean more towards grotesque or geometric san serif typefaces, mixed with some accents of modern and serif type families. While there are plenty of free web fonts available, I always end up using Google Fonts for my work and always try to pick type families that have more than two styles. That way I get more variety and flexibility with my design. But also keep in mind not to go overboard with the amount of styles you add to the site you are working on. That can slow down your page load time and that’s bad for SEO. Here are my top 9 favorite fonts for web design.

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