The Girl in the Space Suit

Yesterday I read a Doctor Who spoiler about River Song and it was exactly what I was thinking about her after watching Season 6 first episode, “The Impossible Astronaut”. I don’t really think this is a real spoiler but just a rumor but it fits perfectly with my theory about River’s real identity.

So here goes my awesome theory:

Most characters in the show think that River is the Doctor’s wife. That’s totally unknown but what I am pretty sure is that she is connected to Amy Pond, The Doctor’s current companion. The clues came out in full force in “The Impossible Astronaut” and putting all the information about River since her first appearance in Season 4 I got to the conclusion that River Song is Amy’s daughter and she is the one in the astronaut suit.

Ok, this is how I see things.

Season 4

“Forest of the Dead”

Before River whispers the Doctor’s real name in the his ear. She tells him she is “sorry, very, very sorry”  (Why is that?)

Season 5

Flesh and Stone


River is in prison because she killed a man who was a hero to many.

The Doctor asked her what man? and she answers “the best man I’ve ever known”.  (The Doctor, duh!)

Last Episode “The Big Bang”

The Doctor: Who are you?

River: You are going to find out very soon and I’m sorry because that’s when everything changes.

(Obviously, the best man she’s ever known is who? The Doctor)

Bang! New Season

“The Impossible Astronaut”


We see the astronaut killing the doctor but before that happens the docto says “It’s OK, I know it’s you” (RIVER, RIVER, it’s RIVER)

Amy tells the Doctor she is pregnant

The there is a girl inside the astronaut’s suit. (Not exactly sure why I think that girl is River)

My theory again is that River Song knows what is going to happen because she is the one in the astronaut suit. She kills the Doctor. Now another question, Why?

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