Trip to Orlando

Ok, like I said on my tumblr I went to Orlando this weekend with the family. I went to Islands of Adventure last January in a school trip and I had a lot of fun. I saw The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for the first time and it was amazing but I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to for different reasons, one of them being that we left early and the second one is that I couldn’t take pictures to send them to my friends in Cuba.  I wanted to go again and my uncle wanted to take my oldest cousin to Orlando. It was the perfect time to convince him that it was a good idea to go. After two months I finally got what I wanted.

The day before the trip I decided to hide my dad’s mp3 player because we have a rule in the car. The one who is driving plays the music. He was going to drive and I really dislike Pitbull and other groups and singers he has on his mp3 player. My plan was successful until I discovered he burned two cds to play on the car’s stereo. Luckily one CD was a Steve Wonder’s Greatest Hits and the other one a Michael Jackson hits album as well. So it wasn’t that bad. In a way it was an extension of the theme week on American Idol, “Motown Week”. I managed to convince him to put my music after two hours, yay! The trip to Orlando was not that boring mainly because I speak too much, hehehe. My oldest cousin was in the back seat but he was listening to his awful music and texting his girlfriend all the time. It was better that way. For some reason I hate all the stuffs he likes, from the music (Reggaeton) to the way he dress (Ed Hardy).

We got to the hotel pretty late but the kids wanted to go to the pool. It was like 10:30 p.m. and THE FREAKING KIDS WERE STILL IN THE FREAKING POOL! I only had one cocktail made of vodka and only Merlin knows what else, a beer and an empty stomach. Enough alcohol in my system to get me drunk. I didn’t do anything weird. It was just the usual me but saying more random stupid things than usual and laughing at everything. We ate at 12 a.m. can you guys believe it? I went straight to bed.

I woke up the next day pretty tired but I recovered after a cup of coffee. It was the big day after all. Long lines, hours walking, pretty hot weather and dealing with the rest of the family. Anyways, we drove to Islands of Adventure and we got in. The Harry Potter part of the park as awesome as usual, with the brilliant level of detail on every single corner and the delicious butterbeer (Note: My uncle says butterbeer taste like Diet Doctor Pepper). I really didn’t want to leave that part but I was practically the guide of the family. The main ride of the WWoHP called Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey had a 30 min delay while we were in line. How lucky we were right?  But the wait was worth it, even my dad and my uncle who are not really Potter fans loved it. It felt like the first time I ride it. It’s mega awesome to feel like you are inside that world sharing an adventure with those characters you love since you were a kid.

The rest of the day was pretty good too. I spent the next hours scaring my cousin before we got into every dangerous ride, specially The Incredible Hulk. It is fun to scare people when they are about to ride a roller coaster. We got soaking wet after the “Ripsaw Falls” and Popeye’s rides. There was a pretty uncomfortable incident when we were about to get into the Spiderman ride. Some douchebag  stole one of the kids’ seat. Seriously? Aren’t you too old to steal little kid’s seats? The staff of the ride didn’t help either, one of them said that I told him we were seven. For real? I told him in perfect English we were eight and I know how to count you idiot. I was so pissed with that guy that I barely enjoyed the ride.

We ride Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey again and it was even more awesome, this time I paid more attention to the little details of the journey. I got into Honeydukes because I wanted to buy one of those Bertie Botts boxes with the weird flavors. But the box comes with a flavor guide so you know what are the wacky ones.  They killed the element of surprise. Now I’m trying to avoid the vomit bean because I know how it looks like. In Dervish and Banges there are three broomsticks: a firebolt, a nimbus 2000 and a nimbus 2001, flying above the people and one of the girls who works there told me that they were the originals used in the movies. That fact was pretty cool. It looks like everytime you go there you discover something new. It is pretty small but with so much to discover that you have to go several times to see everything.

We got out of the park at 9 p.m. and went back to the hotel.  The trip back to Miami was boring.  I was sooo tired, constantly falling asleep and with no topic of conversation. The only things that kept me awake were a few magazines I had on the car. Pretty good ones BTW, specially Digital Artist. It has an interview with Phillip Straub, an illustrator with an amazing body of work and lots of experience in the video game industry. you should check his book Utherworlds, it’s pretty amazing. I’m currently saving to get a copy. And that’s how my weekend went.


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