Why Cuban Nerd?

A lot of people online and offline have been asking me lately why Cuban Nerd and specially why Nerd. Well if you know spanish the you can read my first post on this blog here or just keep on reading this one.

First of all Cuban is because I’m Cuban. It should be obvious. lmao. Then there is the Nerd part. Yes people I’m a Nerd in a way and proud of it. I love to read books, any kind of books as long as they are good. I’m not a big fan of studying all the time. Specially for those school classes like Math and Grammar. But I like to know about things that I find interesting.  I don’t want to stay ignorant about the world around me for the rest of my life. I want to know as much as possible. Is that a sin? Hell no.

If you know me for a long time then you’ll know that I am very friendly but I’m very picky with my friends. I need to feel comfortable with the people around me. If I really like you then you’ll know the real me. Only a few people know me well and most of them, sadly, are not around me anymore. I’ve been in the US for a year and 9 months and the only thing that has helped me during this process of changes has been music. It is my obsession, it changes my mood and keep me focus on my goals.  Changes like the ones I’ve been through are hard. In the beginning you want to return to the place where you were born, even if you know that place sucks but it’s where all your memories come from. It’s still difficult today. I already had found my place there, I was in college,  I had a great group of friends and I was being more social. Now here means a new beginning. Start from scratch again and it takes a while. It is a trade, all that for more life opportunities, having all the family together and freedom of doing what I want and say what I want.

I guess that’s all I have to say about me.

Peace, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll

-Cuban Nerd-

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